Kids don't just say the darndest things.

They also write the darndest things.

Especially when they're in love.

We've collected a number of adorable/precious/hilarious notes below, all of which were passed from young student to another and all of which express true feelings of adolescent affection.

Good luck trying to determine the one you like best!

1. The Sweet Science

The sweet science
This is smarter than any letter we’ve ever written to anyone in our entire lives.

2. Going After an Older Woman

Going after an older woman
We wonder what he said to his first Valentine…

3. This is a Photo of a Butt

This is a photo of a butt
But for a very romantic reason.

4. This May Seem Random…

This may seem random
… but this kid REALLY loves dairy.

5. But This, Too, Shall Pass

But this too shall pass
Yet my feelings never will!

6. Is There a Third Box?

Is there a third box
Because I’m under too much stress to answer this question right now.

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