Have you seen the Dallas Zoo's spinning gorilla video yet?

If not, then you haven't really lived. But we have it for you, below.

You can put it to just about any music you wish and his bathtime dance really works. But even with the original audio, this video is a delight.

Zola 2

The gorilla's name is Zola, and he has a penchant for spinning around.

When he was younger, he had a penchant for doing what appeared to be breakdancing.

Kind of like how a lot of little kids like to spin in circles — we assume.

We're not licensed gorilla behavior experts.

But he's older now and it seems that Zola takes particular delight in splashing water during his dances.

Zola 1

Obviously, no story about a zoo gorilla would be complete without mentioning the late, great Harambe.

He lived, died, became a meme, and ran for President … all in that order.

To this day, the Cincinnati Zoo can't so much as post about an adorable baby hippo named Fiona without being reminded about that fateful day when the Cincinnati Zoo killed its most famous charge.

Obviously, it's unlikely that whichever intern or whatever the zoo equivalent who runs their social media accounts was the one who pulled the trigger that cut Harambe's life tragically short.

But they still get a social media earful about it every time that they post pretty much anything.

We can only imagine those in Cincinnati looking at their Dallas Zoo peers with envy.

Not only because the Dallas Zoo is in a city that's much more intuitively easy to spell.

(Though of course that)

But because the story of Zola is getting a much more positive reception than the story of Harambe.

Zola 4

We don't know if zoos have rivalries or popularity contests amongst themselves, but this is good news for Dallas no matter what.

We have to imagine that the Dallas Zoo is delighted at all of the free press.

To us, this is just entertaining nonsense, like everything else on our phone screens.

(That isn't horrifying news about the world's impending doom at the tiny hands of an orange demon)

To the Dallas Zoo, this could mean an influx of visitors as children and even adults come in to see the internet-famous dancing gorilla.

We're not saying that they'll all get to see a live performance, but even the novelty of seeing him could attract a lot of folks.

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