Jenelle Evans has made a good few mistakes in her 25 years on this planet.

Many mistakes. Just so, so many. A tremendous amount, really.

Jenelle Evans Makeup Pid

She’s been in trouble with the law more times than we can count, for assault and drugs, and then more drugs.

She gave up custody of her first child to party, then she went on to have two more children with two different men, who are both criminals themselves.

It’s all just too much messiness for one person, isn’t it?

But then you get into the animal stuff.

In a 2014 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was seen mistreating two dogs, one that was hers and one belonging to Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

She screamed at the dogs for no real reason, kept them locked in tiny crates in the garage, and when they relieved themselves in the house because she wouldn’t take them outside, she screamed some more.

She even let one of the dogs loose outside, trying to get the poor thing to leave. The whole thing was hard to watch.

Jenelle has heavily criticized for the episode — she even received a letter from PETA — but it didn’t seem to affect her too much.

In 2015, she encouraged her dog to fetch a lit firework on the Fourth of July, and last fall she played fetch with her dogs around a bonfire.

Jenelle Evans Son Kaiser with Dog

She also got a new puppy and let her toddler, Kaiser, ride him, which is another big no-no for pups.

For each and every one of these instances, Jenelle has been scolded, and concerned onlookers have tried to teach her the error of her ways.

But the girl is back to her same old tricks.

Earlier this week, she shared the following photo on Snapchat:

Jenelle Evans Dogs on Snapchat

While it’s good that she’s no longer keeping such sweet little animals locked in cages all day, every day, people are still taking issue with this photo.

And that’s because down in North Carolina, where Jenelle lives, there’s been a cold spell this week, along with tons of rain and hail, in some locations.

The dogs looked to be huddled up together for warmth, as close to the house as possible so that perhaps their owners would let them in out of the cold.

“I f-cking hate Jenelle with a passion for what she did to those poor dogs,” one person said of the photo.

Another wrote “Jesus God Jenelle. The look on their faces are heartbreaking.”

One person summed the whole situation up pretty well with “Jenelle is an ignorant and uncaring owner, unsurprisingly.”

Also this week, Jenelle shared some videos of little Kaiser riding at ATV (without a helmet or any other protective gear, but that’s another story), and fans noticed something wrong with one of the dogs.

Jenelle Evans Dogs

See the grey dog’s tail? It appears to be broken.

Look, Jenelle, maybe it’s time to admit that dogs just aren’t for you. Perhaps get a cat next time, they’re much more independent.

Or, just to be safe, we hear sea monkeys are pretty fun and don’t require a big commitment.

Whatever you do, just do better, OK?