On Married at First Sight, Andrew and Lauren fight for the “cockiest” title of the show. Courtesy: Nine Network

Married At First Sight’s Andrew has hit out at psychologist John Aiken with a sarcastic Instagram post.

MARRIED At First Sight’s Andrew Jones has taken a very public dig at one of the show’s psychologists, just days after the finale to what was undoubtedly the most controversial season in history.

Viewers turned on Andrew early in the show, dubbing him the ‘villain’ due to his treatment of ex-partner Cheryl Maitland — including some very off-colour remarks made on a “guys’ night”.

During the final episode, those comments were finally aired by the psychologists for all to see in what was one of the most delicious payback scenes in reality TV history.

And clearly, Andrew’s still got some bad blood.

The 38-year-old firefighter took to Instagram today to repost a photo by relationship ‘expert’ John Aiken, using the caption to mock him.

Actual footage* of John Aiken’s response to Andrew’s jab (*not actual footage.)

Actual footage* of John Aiken’s response to Andrew’s jab (*not actual footage.)Source:Channel 9

Aiken’s original post, which was clearly written ahead of the final episode, featured a picture of Cheryl and Andrew with a teaser about “payback.”

Andrew’s response?

“Does your psychologist froth on things getting ugly? Is he/she into revenge and payback? You might not be getting your money’s worth …” he wrote.

The originally jilted groom, who was left hours after marrying his first wife Lauren, was absolutely slammed on social media throughout the series.

The outrage came after the infamous ‘boys night’ where Andrew insulted everything about ‘girlfriend’ Cheryl from her hair extensions to her intellect before flat out denying it at the dinner party a few days later.

The backlash was so fierce in fact, the reality star was forced to temporarily delete his Instagram and Facebook after thousands of angry fans flooded the comment sections.

At the time, Andrew revealed to NW he “hadn’t left the house” since the episode aired.

The publication also reported Andrew’s fellow castmates were “worried about his safety”.

Earlier this week, one of the ‘brides’ Susan Rawlings spoke out about the potentially dangerous effect of the show on other contestants.

“What happens when they have someone on one of these shows that is really affected by this in a really bad way … What would happen then?” she told news.com.au.

A family member of another contestant who appeared on the show told news.com.au watching the portrayal of their loved one unfold on television was “horrific”.

“It’s the worst thing you could see (a family member) go through,” they said.